I can instruct, develop, and safely deliver field and classroom courses for a range of technical topics.
I am currently helping develop and instruct a course for the Federal Highway Administration, National Highway Institute, as part of their geotechnical instructor-led training offerings. The Inspection of Unlined Rock Tunnels is designed for tunnel inspectors and program managers and will cover, how to inspect rock tunnels, identify common defects, assign proper condition state, and identify critical findings, as well as providing examples of defects in rock which require the expertise of an engineering geologist or geotechnical specialist.
I was also an instructor at Rutgers University and have been previously employed as a technical specialist for field and classroom training courses in the energy industry. I was the lab instructor for structural geology, introductory geology, petrology, and earthquakes and volcanoes. I taught field trips, geological methods (compass-clinometer orientation), and covered numerous rock identification techniques (lithology, rock textures, minerals etc). I also worked with students on isotope, major and trace element, and geochronology homework problems.
I also communicate geology to the public and schools through programs like 'Skype a Scientist', and attend university and museum open days. Outreach is a rewarding and fantastic way to improve communication; being able to explain a concept succinctly to someone truly determines if you know a subject!​​​​​​