The Camborne School of Mines. My alma mater. The only remaining mining school in the UK.
On 31st August 2020, I received word the University of Exeter announced their plan to ‘pause’ recruitment to the BEng Mining Engineering programme for the 2021-22 academic year.
This is incredibly ignorant to the demand and opportunities for mining graduates. The future of mining education in the UK is under threat and with it, the security of a skilled mining workforce crucial for the UK. Mining is the future of our low-carbon economy, and vital to many developed and developing economies around the world. Despite popular belief, this includes the UK.
How do we change this perception? It starts with outreach explaining what mining actually is. Please watch and share the TEDx talk by my fellow graduate Lucy Crane. She explains beautifully why mining is crucial for our future and how public opinion doesn't currently align with this image.